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1. Do I need a permit to build or remodel my home?
2. Do I need a permit to set a mobile or manufactured home in Valley Center?
3. Do I need a permit to build a fence?
4. Where can I set a mobile home in Valley Center?
5. What size do the footings for my new house need to be and how far under grade do they need to be?
6. Can I wire my new home myself?
7. Can I install electrical wiring in my new garage or when finishing my basement?
8. I am going to put a bedroom in the basement. Do I need an escape window?
9. Can I put a window in the wall separating my house and my attached garage? How about a door with a window?
10. How far can a liquefied petroleum (LP) gas tank be from my house, property line, or any building?
11. What kind of material can be used to provide LP gas service to my house?
12. What size do my floor joists need to be?
13. Do my stairs have to be even?
14. When do I need handrails on my steps?
15. How much headroom clearance does the building code require for staircases?
16. Can I do my own plumbing?
17. How deep does gas service need to be?
18. What kind of material can be used for waste lines and vents?
19. How deep does PVC conduit have to be buried?
20. Do I need a permit to install a culvert?
21. Can I build a permanent structure in the utility easement?
22. As the owner, can I be the general contractor of my own residence?
23. A detached structure of more than 400 square feet requires how many rows of rebar horizontally in the footing?
24. When building a new residence, how many feet can the residence be from the edge of the road before a road approval is required?
25. How do I obtain a road approval?
26. What specifications are required to obtain a road approval for the road?
27. Do I need a permit to replace my furnace or water heater?
28. Do I need a permit to build or place a storage shed in my backyard?
29. Do you have any questions that are not answered in this section?
30. Who does the inspections for Valley Center?