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Special Use Request of City Parks

  1. Special Use Request of City Parks

  2. Special Use of City Parks is granted by the City of Valley Center Governing Body.  The following is required for community celebrations, carnivals, music festivals, political rallies, fundraisers, or similar public events. 

    The following information is required for the review/approval process: 

    Certificate of liability insurance must be included with the Special Use Request.  It must add/name the City of Valley Center as third party insured in the minimum amount of $1,000,000. 

    All information must be returned to the Parks & Public Buildings Department no less than 3 weeks in advance of the requested event date. Once received, staff will review and add the special use request to the next City Council meeting agenda for approval.

    City Park Regulations are posted at each park (and provided with packet information).   Please ensure that regulations are enforced with all parties involved with the planning and setup of the event.

  3. Special Use Request Information:

  4. Applicant Information

  5. Park Regulations. *
  6. This request is not a reservation to hold or occupy any park structure or facility other than what is identified and approved by the governing body for in the special use request. 

    For questions or further information, please email or call 316-755-7320 x205.

    Neal Owings, Director of Parks & Public Buildings 

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