Building permits


The City of Valley Center issues Permits within the City limits of Valley Center for all building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fence, sign, portable sign, water meter, well, sewer connection, septic, and Right of Way.  The City of Valley Center performs inspections on driveway approaches, water meters hookups, wells, septic systems, sewer hookups, lot grading, and occupancy. The City of Valley Center requires all contractors to be licensed with the City of Valley Center.

The City of Valley Center performs all inspections for residential buildings, this includes building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical inspections. Please schedule residential inspections 24-48 hours in advance at 316-755-7310 ext. 111

The City of Valley Center contracts  Sedgwick County to perform all commercial building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical inspections and plan reviews for the City of Valley Center. Additionally, all new commercial buildings must be reviewed and approved by the City of Valley Center  Planning and Zoning Board before a building permit is issued.

Building/Construction Standards

A building permit is required for any new construction as well as alterations to existing structures, whether the work is interior and exterior.

The City currently utilizes the:
Each building permit issued requires the necessary inspections be obtained at the proper stage of the project. This program of inspections helps ensure quality construction for residential as well as commercial structures in the City.

Building Permit Applications

Applications for a building permit may be downloaded online and then mailed, faxed or e-mailed to: 

City of Valley Center
545 W. Clay Ave. 
PO Box 188
Valley Center, KS 67147 
Fax: 316-755-7324
Before submitting a permit application, please call (316) 755-7310 ext 111 for cost of permit and to validate the address where the work is being performed is located within the City limits of Valley Center. Every permit requires a plot plan submitted with it.