Police Department

24 Hour Protection

  • Emergency Only - 911
  • Non-Emergency - (316) 755-7325
  • Court Clerk - (316) 755-7310


The Valley Center Police Department is charged with protecting and serving the citizens of Valley Center. The department enforces federal, state, and municipal laws while protecting all citizens’ civil rights.

Officers respond to calls and concerns of citizens, enforce traffic laws, and provide routine patrol of the community. Members of the department strive to be good role models for the youth in our community.

Mission Statement

The Valley Center Police Department will offer ethical and reliable law enforcement for its citizens. The officers of Valley Center will provide fair and professional service to citizens regardless of age, race, sex, or religion. We will work with the citizens of Valley Center to provide a safe nurturing environment for the community. Officers will strive to be good role models and mentors to our citizens. We will display a positive attitude regardless of the situation. The protection of each person's rights under the law is paramount.

Fair & Ethical Treatment

It is important that the Valley Center Police Department is responsive to the community's needs and concerns. If you feel you have been treated unfairly or unprofessionally by a Valley Center Police Officer we want to know about it. We also would like to hear about it if you have had an exceptional experience with a Valley Center Police Officer. 
Please call (316) 755-7325 or come to the Public Safety Building and ask to speak to a supervisor.