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Ronald Colbert
121 Southwind Dr
(316) 755-2824
(316) 882-9340 cell


I have served Valley Center since 2013 when I volunteered to serve on the Planning and Zoning Board, the Economic Development Board, the Committee for Bike and Sidewalks, and, most recently, the City council in 2018 by appointment.

I am married 53 years to Dorothy B. Colbert and we have two boys. One is a minister and the other ex-Navy and a long distance truck driver. I am a Retired Air Force Veteran, I have worked many jobs since retirement as an Insurance Agent, Store Manager, and Long-Distance truck driver. I am a member of the American Legion Post 73, Lions Club, and the Kiwanis. My wife and I have traveled both overseas and throughout the US and Canada. I have received numerous military awards during my career and on the civilian side.

I have two Degrees from the University of Phoenix, Bachelor in Criminal Justices Administration and a Master of Management and Public Administration. I am also a staunch advocate for American Disability Act. I have also published a book on Family Ancestry for my family and am available to help others.

I am available any time and if you have questions, please call me.

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