Valley Center Community Building Rules and Regulations 



  1. The use of this facility for commercial, or profit purposes is prohibited.
  2. No smoking
  3. Application for alcohol can be brought to council no later than 30 days before event.
    1. Reminder: Council meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.
    2. There is an additional application and $25 application fee required at time of reservation for alcohol. This does not include the $150 alcohol fee explained in the application. Must be 21 years of age, or older, to rent facility with alcohol application.
  4. Must be 18 years of age or older in order to rent facility.
  5. If damages exceed deposit, renter will be held liable and assessed cost of damage.
  6. Do not use any type of tape or tacks to affix anything to the walls, ceiling, door frames or ceiling fans.
  7. No animals, unless they are certified service animals.
  8. Please report any damage or misuse of the building found up on entering immediately to 316-755-7310. Violation of this will cost you your damages deposit.


Reservations requests for Community Building can be made in person at City Hall, or online at Room is reserved at time of staff approval. 

  1. Reservations may be made up to one year in advance; unless otherwise approved.
  2. Rental fees shall be paid at the time of facility reservation approval.
  3. A minimum of one week notice for cancellation must be given. There will be no refunds. You will be able to choose another date to hold your reservation within 6 months of cancellation.

Key/Damages Deposit:

  1. A cash or check deposit shall be required and made at the time the building key is obtained. $25 for study rooms, $150 for all other spaces.
  2. Keys may be picked up at City Hall between the hours of 7:00AM and 5:00PM Monday thru Thursday and 7:00AM and Noon on Fridays. Keys may be dropped off at City Hall during normal business hours, or dropped off at the City Hall night drop located on the North side of the building.
  3. Failure to clean the building and/or damage the building; over extend your rental time, violation of the no smoking rule or consuming alcoholic or malt beverages shall result in loss of deposit. The City has the right to refuse your Damages Deposit if these conditions are not properly met.

Care of Building:

It is the responsibility of the renter using the Community Building to ensure room is cleaned and in usable condition upon the completion of their rental time. 

The following items must be completed:

  • Replace chairs and tables to designated areas
  • Pick up and dispose of trash & recyclables and put them in the outside dumpster or recycle carts
  • General Clean up: sweep floors, clean & sanitize counters, and throw away all leftover food. Note: Cleaning supplies will be provided at Community Building
  • Trash taken to dumpster
  • Clean up any mess in restrooms
  • Ensure doors close behind you and are locked

Responsibility of Damages:

It shall be the responsibility of the lessee while their building is under their control to pay for repair costs for damage to the building and/or replacement or repair of missing or damaged equipment caused by negligence.

Basis for Denial of Use:

Damage, disruptive conduct or failure to render areas used in facility to a usable and clean condition shall be ground for denial of future use of the facility as deemed necessary by the City Staff.

Rental Rates:

Sunflower Room: 1313 SF. A/V access. Access to kitchen*, 4 hour minimum between 8AM-11PM. Seats approximately 65.

Cottonwood Room: 1560 SF.  2 A/V access points. 4 hour minimum between 8AM-11PM. Seats approximately 90. 

Sunflower & Cottonwood Room: 3681 SF. A/V access. Access to kitchen*.4 hour minimum between 8AM-11PM. Seats approximately 155.

Meadowlark Room: 568 SF. A/V. access. 4 hour minimum between 8AM-11PM. Seats approximately 45.

Bison Study Room: 156 SF/ 165 SF. First come first serve access during normal Library business hours; free of charge. Can reserve weeknights 5PM-11PM, Saturdays 2PM-11PM, and Sundays 8AM-11PM. 2 hour minimum. Seats approximately 8-12. 


VC Resident**

Non VC Resident**

Sunflower & Cottonwood Room

$100 per hour/$800 whole day

$125 per hour/$1000 whole day

Cottonwood Room

$50 per hour/ $400 whole day

$60per hour/ $480 whole day

Sunflower Room

$50 per hour/ $400 whole day

$60 per hour/ $480 whole day

Meadowlark Room

$40 per hour/ $320 whole day

$50 per hour/ $400 whole day

Bison Study Room

$15 per hour

$20 per hour


*Access to kitchen is only included with the rental of the Sunflower Room or rental of both the Sunflower & Cottonwood Rooms. Kitchen access includes use of the appliances but does not include use of any utensils, cookware or place settings.

**VC Residency will be based on address of individual who is applying for rental. Resident rates will apply solely to those that live within Valley Center city limits and receive a utility bill. 

Application for local non-profit rates can be done by calling 316.755.7310 or at