How to Reduce Your Risk of Carjacking

There is no guaranteed way of avoiding a carjacking. There are some common sense precautions you can take to put the odds in your favor.

• Before you enter your car, be alert to any activity near your car. Pay attention to your surroundings.

• Have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle.

• If someone is loitering around your unoccupied car as you approach, keep walking. Do not attempt to get in your car until they are gone.

• Keep your windows closed and doors locked while driving.

• When stopped at a traffic signal or sign, stay far enough away from the vehicle in front of you so you can see the rear wheels. This will allow you to have enough room to leave quickly, if needed.

• If your vehicle is bumped from behind, do not get out. Drive to a well-lighted, safe area first, then get out of your vehicle. This a common tactic used by carjackers to steal cars.

• Be suspicious of strangers asking for directions, change or handing out flyers. If you feel uncomfortable, pull out carefully and leave the area, even if it means running a red light or stop sign.

• If you suspect you are being followed, never drive home. Change directions, go to a safe area, and call the police.

• Be alert when using drive-up ATM machines.