Wastewater Department

Wastewater Department Plant Built in 1979
Wastewater is treated by a 0.5 MGD (million gallon per day) extended aeration treatment plant. Featuring a 100' diameter orbital aeration tank, 55' diameter settling clarifier, and an ultraviolet disinfection treatment. The plant discharges over a cascading system to put oxygen in the water, and then into the Little Arkansas River, with an excellent removal of solids at rates of 97-99%. The settled sludge is stored in two 85,000 gallon storage tanks, where it is allowed to thicken. The plant currently treats about 135 million gallons a year.

Wastewater is conveyed to the plant through a gravity type system of piping. The system has six lift stations at various locations. The City currently contracts with the City of Wichita for hauling waste sludge and contracts with a private firm for  cleaning and televising sewer lines.