Valley Center Fire Department Personnel

Valley Center Fire Department Personnel

The Valley Center Fire Department is comprised of four full-time firefighters and 18 paid on-call firefighters.


  • Chief L. Tormey*  
  • Captain P. Tennissen*
  • Lieutenant C. Tormey*
  • Lieutenant B. Arnold*
  • Lieutenant N. Banning*
  • Lieutenant J. Tormey*


  • FF B. English*
  • FF L. Tully*
  • FF K. Coffman*
  • FF J. Crandall*
  • FF F. Ramirez
  • FF G. Greenwood 
  • FF L. Ludlum*
  • FF S. Burkholder*
  • FF L. Thomas*
  • FF S. Callison*



  •  FF C. Ramirez
  •  FF B. Boddington
  •  FF K. Reamey
  •  FF C. Lumley
  •  FF B. Moler
  • FF R. Orr

*Denotes Firefighter / Emergency Medical Technician status