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    Opt-out of "Neighbors" newspaper delivery

    Please follow this link if you would no longer like to receive the "Neighbors" newspaper from the Wichita Eagle. Opt-out
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    Midland GIS Solutions GPS Surveying Project

    The City has hired Midland GIS Solutions to survey and map the City's water distribution, sanitary sewer and storm sewer collection systems. You may notice employees of Midland GIS Solutions working in your neighborhood through the end of August. Letter from Kelley Zellner, Public Works Director
  3. discover vc logo 4-2017

    Consumer Confidence Report Covering Calendar Year 2016

    This brochure is a snapshot of the quality of the water that we provided you during 2016. Included are the details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to Environmental Protections agency (EPA) and state standards. Additional Info...
  4. VCFD

    School Safety Tips

    In 2003-2006, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 6,650 strucure fires in educational properties, annually. These fires caused annual average of 88 civilian fire injuries and $90 million in direct property damage. Read on...
  5. IMG_0004.JPG

    College Campus Fire Safety

    College students living away from home should take a few minutes to make sure they are living in a fire-safe environment. Educating students on what they can do to stay safe during the school year is important and often overlooked. Read on...
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